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Looking for top-notch home inspections Perth? Whether buying or building a house, closely examine your property with our extensive house inspection services. We bring experience and planning to help you make informed decisions about your residential property in Perth. Contact Home Inspection Perth to book a free consultation for the reliable house and pest inspection service in town!

  • Inspectors are Civil Engineers and Builders with more than 10 years
  • In-depth knowledge of the Building Code of Australia
  • Good knowledge of Repair and Maintenance Cost
  • Clear and Concise Reporting System within 24 hours in Easy Language with enough evidence
  • Conduct thorough inspections through the latest technology

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    Home inspections Perth

    About Home Inspection Perth

    At Home Inspection Perth, with more than ten years in the industry, we are on a mission to provide homeowners, buyers, and sellers with reliable and insightful information about the condition of their residential properties. Our home inspections are bespoke and based on trust, honesty, expertise, and experience that lead you to an informed decision. We’ve helped several homeowners in the Perth Metropolitan Area with their house home inspections procedure and our clients are even happier. 

    With our house and pest inspection services in Perth, you’ll find out what works best for your residential property and what does not. We understand the significance of property transactions and the peace of mind of knowing your investment is secure. Our team has all the knowledge they can deliver while inspecting your house from every corner.

    Our Meticulous House Inspections Perth Process Cover

    Our meticulous house inspection process at Home Inspection Perth involves a thorough step-by-step evaluation to ensure every aspect of your home is carefully examined. We start with a structural assessment, checking the foundation’s integrity, walls, and roof to identify signs of stress or decay. Next, we inspect the electrical system, testing all outlets, switches, and panels for safety and compliance with current standards. The plumbing system is evaluated for leaks, proper water pressure, and the condition of pipes, fixtures, and appliances. 

    We also assess the HVAC system for profound house inspections to ensure proper functioning and energy efficiency. Exterior evaluations include examining the siding, gutters, and drainage systems to prevent water damage. Lastly, we check for potential pest infestations and assess the home’s overall safety features. Our team takes great care in providing a comprehensive review, giving you peace of mind regarding your home investment.

    Why Choose Home Inspection Perth?

    Besides providing a detailed overview of the house home inspections for our Perth residents, we do offer other benefits. For example, our home inspection prices are highly affordable, and you won’t feel like you are cutting your bank. Our experts are always ready to conduct a thorough house building inspection for you ensuring that you can make that house transaction faster and easier. In addition to doing so, we provide our clients with

    We believe in ensuring excellent transparency and we provide the quickest possible reporting to our clients. With detailed home inspections in Perth, we inspect every building whether pre-purchased, pre-listed, or newly built. For pests and termites, we have the best team around to ensure the excellent safety of your house!

    Email us the details of your property and we’ll ensure that we can help you make the best decision for it!

    Our New Homes Inspection Process


    Pre Slab Stage


    Wall to Plate Height


    Roof Framing Stage


    Lock up Stage


    Handover Stage

    Comprehensive Building Inspection Services We Provide in Western Australia

    At Home Inspection Perth, we cover the most needed inspections for your property to help you make a good decision about your living.

    Property inspection


    Comprehensive examination ensuring structures meet safety and quality standards before purchase or leasing.


    Detailed evaluation of a building’s condition, identifying any defects or maintenance needs.

    Pre purchase


    Thorough assessment highlighting potential issues before finalizing a property purchase.

    Practical completion


    Final check guaranteeing all contracted work is completed to specifications and quality standards.


    Investigation to detect the presence of pests, preventing potential damage and health risks.



    Specialized inspection identifying termite activity and potential wood damage in properties.

    Client Testimonials

    jitender maratha
    jitender maratha
    Great Service and highly recommended.
    Menka Sethi
    Menka Sethi
    Very detailed . Prompt in responding back and explained in detail. I highly recommend .
    Raghavendra S
    Raghavendra S
    I have taken service from Mr Ajay Singh, Home Inspection Perth for Building and Pest Inspection. I am very happy with his honesty, professionalism and expertise. He was quick and at the same time, very meticulous and detailed in the findings. Ajay is also kind to run through the report which helps us to make an informed decision on the purchase of a property. I highly recommend Ajay for any Building and Pest Inspections in Perth.
    Ravinder Aulakh
    Ravinder Aulakh
    I highly recommend Ajay form Home Inspections Perth.It was a pleasure working with him as he is very helpful.They sorted out our immediate situation by doing the inspection very quickly as required in particular time frame. A brief feedback has been provided after the inspection. We would like to say Thank you Ajay for your exceptional service. Strongly recommended for inspections.
    Meenakshi Arya
    Meenakshi Arya
    Mr Ajay has done a tremendous job in creating building and pest inspection report. Works with details and give professional advice. Highly recommended.
    Stephen Nartey
    Stephen Nartey
    Good company to work with and reliable for what they do
    Samir Neupane
    Samir Neupane
    Ajay sir is the best in Perth, i highly recommend Ajay jee for everyone . Simply he is the best.
    Paul Mclay
    Paul Mclay
    Building Inspector was well knowledgeable, on time and did proper inspection. I will recommend this company to my friends and relatives.
    Nony Sharma
    Nony Sharma
    "Exceptional service from start to finish! Our experience with ANZ building inspection was outstanding. From the moment we contacted them, they were professional, thorough, and efficient. The inspector arrived on time and meticulously examined every inch of the property, uncovering issues we would have never noticed. The detailed report provided was clear, concise, and invaluable in our decision-making process. I highly recommend ANZ building inspection ( Ajay Singh)to anyone in need of a reliable and trustworthy inspection service."

    Areas We Cover For Home Inspections In Perth, WA

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