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Are you looking to inspect your present or future home or commercial property? Welcome to Home Inspection Perth, where requirements meet innovations. And your only trusted partner for building and pest inspection Perth. Our team is committed to ensuring your peace of mind by providing thorough and reliable inspections for your home or Building. With years of experience, we provide detailed yet easy-to-understand reports. At Home Inspection Perth, we understand the importance of a safe and secure building environment. 

That’s why we use state-of-the-art technology and proven inspection methods to examine your commercial or residential building. Don’t let building and pest problems go unnoticed. Most building inspection companies don’t address common issues like hidden hazards, future maintenance costs, environmental concerns, energy efficiency, and structural integrity. We value your money and address these pain points. We don’t claim we are the best building inspections Perth service providers in Perth. But we prove this with our top-notch inspection services. 

What Services We Cover for Perth Building Inspections? 

Our leading inspection service providers offer thorough building inspection services Perth and in nearby areas. Our certified inspectors completely examine all aspects of a property, including its structure, plumbing, electrical systems, and more. Moreover, we critically analyse all parts of your building including exterior, doors, windows and interior, roof, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical System, Appliances, Foundations, Basement and Crawlspaces, Attic Ventilation and insulation etc.

We know what our customers need, so we offer building and termite inspections Perth with the following additions. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before buying a home or entering the building, our experts assess its structure, plumbing, and electrical systems. Additionally, they examine the roof, foundation, and HVAC units to ensure safety and functionality. Our clients receive detailed reports, empowering informed decisions about their pre-purchase building inspection requirements.

Structural Engineering Inspections

Home Inspection Perth specializes in structural engineering inspections, ensuring buildings meet safety standards. Our services are crucial for maintaining architectural integrity, offering professional Building Inspection Perth solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Pest Inspection 

At Home Inspection Perth, we offer comprehensive pest inspection services as part of our Building Inspection Perth offerings. Our team is skilled in identifying and suggesting remediation for any kind of pest infestation, ensuring your property remains safe and well-maintained.

Perth Building Inspections
building and termite inspections Perth

Termite Inspection

Our certified inspectors carefully search for termite activity, protecting homes from structural damage. With advanced techniques, we identify infestations or decays and recommend appropriate treatments. Through fast detection and intervention, homeowners preserve their property’s integrity while having the best building and termite inspections Perth.

Progress Completion Inspection

At Home Inspection Perth, we proudly offer Progress Completion Inspections, ensuring your construction project meets all safety, quality, and design standards. Trust us to provide meticulous oversight at each critical phase of your building’s development.

New Construction Inspection

We offer comprehensive evaluations during various stages of construction, ensuring compliance with building inspection Perth standards. Our proactive approach identifies potential issues early, minimising costly repairs post-construction. We ensure our customers receive peace of mind knowing their new home meets quality and safety requirements.

Our New Building Inspection Perth Process


Pre Slab Stage


Wall to Plate Height


Roof Framing Stage


Lock up Stage


Handover Stage

Our Extensive Process of Inspection Runs in Some Simple Steps

In Perth, building and pest inspections are crucial for buyers and sellers alike. Home Inspection Perth conducts thorough assessments, covering all aspects of a property to ensure clients have a clear understanding of its condition. Whether it’s a building inspection in Perth, WA, or a combined pest and building inspection, our thorough approach provides peace of mind for all involved parties. Sometimes, as a buyer, you must seek permission from the seller for inspection to avoid any confusion or legal mishaps before purchasing. Once you get that permission, we start our inspection process, which consists of the following simple yet detailed steps:

1. Pre-Inspection Preparation

Before the inspection, the team gathers necessary equipment and reviews any specific concerns raised by the client or noted during scheduling. They coordinate with the homeowner or real estate agent to ensure access to the property.

2. Exterior Inspection

The building inspection starts with a comprehensive examination of the exterior of the property synchronized with Perth building and pest inspection codes and standards. This includes the roof, siding, foundation, windows, doors, and landscaping. Any signs of damage, wear, or potential issues are noted for further investigation according to Perth building inspection standards.

3. Interior Inspection

After completing the exterior assessment, we move indoors to evaluate the interior of the home. Our team inspects each room, checking for structural integrity, water damage, electrical issues, plumbing problems, and signs of pests or mould. Attention is also given to the condition of floors, walls, ceilings, and fixtures.

Building and pest inspection process
Perth building and pest inspection

4. Mechanical Systems Inspection

Our professional inspectors assess the functionality and condition of essential mechanical systems, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as plumbing and electrical systems. They test appliances, outlets, switches, and HVAC controls to ensure proper operation and safety.

5. Attic and Crawlspace Examination

We give special attention to spaces that are often overlooked, such as the attic and crawlspace. Inspectors check for insulation levels, ventilation, signs of water intrusion, pest activity, and structural issues that may affect the integrity of the home.

6. Documentation and Reporting

Throughout the inspection process, our inspectors document their findings, including photographs and detailed notes following Perth building and pest inspection codes and standards. After completing the inspection, they provide a comprehensive report to the client, highlighting any areas of concern and recommendations for further evaluation or repairs.

Why Choose Us For One Of The Leading Perth Building and Pest Inspection Companies?

When looking for home inspections in Perth, your first stop should be Home Inspection Perth. We are one of the top registered building inspectors Perth. We ensure thorough evaluations of your property. Our expertise guarantees peace of mind. From structure to pests, we critically observe your living or commercial places. Plus, our transparent pricing model ensures affordability. Whether it’s assessing the building’s integrity or calculating costs, we provide comprehensive services.

Team Of Professionals

We have inspectors of Civil Engineering Degrees. Meanwhile, we don’t hire part-timers. As the leading Perth building and pest inspection team, we don’t compromise on quality. Our builders, with ten years of experience, guess your pre-building cost accurately. The same is the case with our inspection team. They are equally professional as well.  

Termite Inspection and Treatment

Protecting your home from termites is essential to keeping it safe and sound so that it meets building and termite inspection Perth standards. That’s where Home Inspection Perth comes into play. You get an all-rounder bundle that inspects and treats the termite. Make a call to Home Inspection Perth, and we put our best efforts into keeping your house safe and sound. 

Same Day Reporting

We have up-to-date tools and equipment to make your home inspection fast. Meanwhile, our inspectors prepare reports with inspections simultaneously. You get your inspection reports through your mobile email on the same day while others are waiting for them. Our reports are detailed yet easy to understand. 

Compatible Pricing

Our pricing structure meets building and pest inspection cost Perth standards. We offer a wide range of pricing with different packages. You can find those packages and their pricing structure on our website. Also, we aim to provide home inspection services at affordable prices in an expensive city like Perth. Affordability doesn’t mean we compromise on quality inspection when you are checking our building inspection cost Perth.  

Necessary Tradesmen Contact List

What about fixing defects found during your home inspection? Don’t worry. We don’t leave our potential customers on their own. We provide a comprehensive tradesmen contact list for our clients. This valuable resource includes skilled professionals like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. With this list, you can easily connect with reliable experts for their professional needs. 


This is the litmus test for any inspection service provider, especially in Perth. And we proudly pass that test. Our inspection team doesn’t compromise on quality and work ethics. In return for this key discipline, we get positive building inspections Perth reviews from our customers. With 5 out of 5 ratings, we are one of the few leading home inspection service providers in Perth.  

Book a Free Consultation with a Registered Independent Building Inspector Perth

For building and pest inspection Perth-related services, there are already multiple home inspection service providers. It’s hard to partner with the best one. With our above-provided services and work ethics, there is no parameter we miss what a good home inspection company offers. So, wait, what? Call us or book a free one-on-one meeting to make a strategy to safeguard your house, commercial area, or whatever place you own. Our registered building inspector, Perth, will be there to address your concerns and offer you a quick solution!

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