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Welcome to Home Inspection Perth, your go-to option for comprehensive home inspections! The suburbs of Midland see move-ins and reconstructions quite a lot. Homeowners here deserve a system of deep inspections to protect their interests. The property you invest in must meet every expectation of proper electrical works or a solid build. We go out of our way to assess each property and uncover what goes unseen at large. Your hard-earned money shall only be put into the best properties that go on par with your expectations. With Home Inspections Perth, you simply have to list your priorities, and we shall check for them!

We take each of your concerns and goals into consideration. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or trying to plan repairs on your property, with Home Inspection Perth, it just got so much easier to easily inspect every nook and cranny of the house. Thousands of dollars can be saved in the long run if you just get issues inspected on time.

The best home inspection in Midland is here! Reach out to us at info@homeinspectionperth.com.au

Home Inspection Midland

How Do We Perform Our Home Inspections In Midland

Newly Built Homes Inspection

If you are buying or moving into a newly built home, we are here to assist you with that as well. We perform deep checks on fresh properties to ensure that they comply with local building standards. We document any necessary repairs, building faults, and deeper defects so you can undertake corrections as soon as possible.


Apartment Inspection

Not just houses or lone properties; we also inspect apartment homes. This is one of the most important Midland home inspections to take before buying or moving into an apartment. We comply with the local code for apartment buildings to inspect each corner and detail. Be it electrical issues or ceiling defects, we have got it all covered.


Pre-purchase Building Inspection

The pre-sales building inspection in Perth is a comprehensive service that can verify if the home you are moving into or buying is worth the price. Home Inspection Perth undertakes a deep home inspection in Midland for properties you have yet to buy. Here, we can systematically assess the quality of the house’s build, fixtures, and overall structural integrity.


Defect House

Have the repairs been piling up lately? We shall be your very own repair planners and overseers. If you have been seeing some defects in your house and wish to know the kind of repairs you will need, you can count on us. We shall inspect every nook and cranny to find defects that may not have been noticed as much earlier. After this, we will plan a thorough report of recommended repairs around the house.


Building And Pest Inspection

Home Inspection Perth is also well-versed with combination building and pest inspections Perth. This helps us realize two major kinds of defects in the house- structural defects and pest infestations. We thoroughly check the building’s overall durability by assessing if the foundations are set right and if there are hidden pests plaguing the property’s integrity.


Progress Inspection

Home Inspection Perth further excels at giving you timely reports on the progress of your property. To ensure you get to sit back and relax while your dream home is under construction, we undertake a complete progress home inspection in Midland WA. We look into the foundational and framing stages while ensuring that the mechanical aspects of the construction are doing well.


Termite Inspection

We also perform checks to determine the presence of termites in your home. Doing this on time can ensure that your wooden furniture and foundations are not in danger. Timely termite inspection in Midland can also save you a lot of money in the long run. We provide a report on the areas and extent of the infestation found in the house.


Pest Inspection

If you suspect a pest infestation in the house or if your locality is susceptible to house pests, we can also help you understand these issues. We look carefully for any signs of infestations on the property and assess any damage done by pests in our pest inspection in Perth. We also look into any risks that the property may have of getting pest infestations in the future.


What Do Our Building Inspectors in Midland Do?

Home Inspection Perth is all about providing you with the finest of home inspections. The property investment scenario in Midland is incomplete without our stellar Midland home inspection potential. We can throw light on the underlying defects that you may not have noticed in one visit to the desired property or the home you reside in. In just one inspection, we can assess the overall credibility of any property, leaving you to make only the most informed decisions. Here are the services we bring to our customers:


Overall Structural Inspections

Looking to take up repairs in the entire house? We recommend only Appendix C of AS 4349.1-2007 compliant repairs in our comprehensive reports after building inspection in Midland. Under our overall structural inspections, we look into everything from the walls to the roofs and the ceilings to the doors.

Interior Wall Inspections

Our deep interior wall inspections let you know your house better from the inside. Any damages and defects to these walls are noticed in moisture, structural disintegration, installation errors, and drill pipe inspection in Midland. We have a keen eye for any repair that may be pending for the walls.

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building inspection midland

Plumbing Inspections

The plumbing fixtures of your house are susceptible to defects that can go unseen for quite a long time. With our gas and plumbing inspections in the West Midlands, you can know about these before they do irreversible damage. We focus on assessing the quality of water supply, piping, water heater, and drainage.

Electrical Work Inspections

A good home is all about quality electrical work. If you want to find out if your house is safe from electrical hazards, take up our electrical work inspections. We usually focus on wiring, electrical panels, outlets, switches, earthing, smoke detectors, and fire alarm inspections in the Midlands.

The Building Inspection Process for Midland Homeowners

Pre-Slab Stage

During the foundational stages of the construction, we ensure the implementation of the perfect engineering standards. We make sure that the staff on-site follow compliance codes at all times.

Roof Framing Stage

The roof framing stage involves overlooking the sturdiness and integrity of the ceilings and roofs. We ensure your design standards are coming into play when installing roof trusses.

Wall To Plate Height

When the walls are being set up to their full height, we ensure the execution of proper alignment. We further make sure that the walls are calibrated and aligned on all sides.

Lock up Stage

During the installation of windows and doors, we ensure proper setup. The installments must be able to guard against weather changes and have perfect calibration with the house structure.

Handover Stage

During the handover stage, we run a set of final checks. Here, our inspectors will ensure that the property strictly meets the local construction code without compromising your standards.


We will do a final report before you move in or just after you have moved in. Here, we shall present the documented progress, recommended repairs you must do now, and the overall health of the house.

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Why Is Home Inspection Perth Perfect For Midland Inspection Services?

Property investment is such a big step. Two or three visits cannot possibly give you all the insight you need about the house’s overall health and credibility. This is why Home Inspection Perth takes it into its own hands to assist you with timely inspections. We pinpoint every defect on the property and find out the recommended repairs for each of those.

Our ethical and dedicated work is all so that you can relax while we help you in every stage of building inspections in Midland WA. With Home Inspection Perth, each inspection is a window to betterment.

Inspections That Suit All

Our inspections are created to suit each individual requirement with the right modifications. We customize our services according to your priorities to develop high-quality results.

Impressive Industry Experience

The home inspection industry has seen our hard work for a decade. From overall structural inspections to pest inspections, we have done it all for the suburbs of Midland.

Experienced Staff

Our team has plumbing masters, expert electrical engineers, architectural pros, and many others dedicated to making every inspection count.

Comprehensive Reports

No inspection goes without a comprehensive end report. We generate a report for each inspection so you can take up any reports as recommended and know more about your home’s health.

Contact Now For A Deep Inspection Of Your House In Midland

Have we got to you yet? We humbly await your welcome into our world of careful inspections and quality reporting. Choose Home Inspection Perth today for a delightful experience. Looking forward to helping you know your dream house better!

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Other Areas We Cover in Perth, WA

In Perth, WA, our services extend across a wide range of areas, providing comprehensive support wherever you are located. Whether you’re in a bustling urban neighborhood or a serene coastal suburb, our dedicated team is committed to meeting your specific needs with top-notch service.

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