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Home Inspection Perth is a dedicated home inspection company in Balga. For years, we have serviced the peaceful suburbs of Balga through comprehensive inspection services. Our work goes beyond just assessing the homes and properties in this region. We thoroughly mean to protect the varied interests of the homeowners in Balga, meaning to spend their hard-earned coin on property sites. Let us lend you a hand in learning more about your new home through each inspection.

You may be buying, selling, or maintaining your property; whichever it is, Home Inspection Perth means to help you save thousands in repairs by carefully assessing the current state of the home. This helps prevent the issues from escalating any further.

Your search for home inspection Balga ends today! You can email us at info@homeinspectionperth.com.au.

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What Do We Do In Our Home Inspections In Balga

Newly Built Homes Inspection

Home Inspection Perth performs comprehensive examinations of newly built homes to ensure they comply with the local building codes and requirements. In the process, we identify any underlying defects and document them to produce a thorough report. This can help you get rid of any problems before you move in.

Apartment Inspection

If you are buying an apartment or are living in one, we shall comply with the local code of apartment integrity and inspect the littlest details of the property. Everything from plumbing errors to electrical defects is assessed in this service.

Pre-sales Building Inspection

Know before you buy, so goes the saying. We assist you in identifying any underlying or neglected issues in a property so you can make a better decision. We are the providers of best pre-purchase inspections in Perth!

Defect House

With Home Inspection Perth’s deep defect home inspection Balga, you never have to carry the burden of planning repairs on your own. If you have encountered a property with visible defects, we will compile a detailed report after exterior, interior, and functional inspections so you can plan your repairs accordingly.

Building And Pest Inspection

We also have a combo building and pest inspection Balga service where we assess the property’s structural integrity while looking out for any signs of pest infestations. This helps us thoroughly check the property’s durability while presenting a report on the extent of the issues.

Progress Inspection

Home Inspection Perth will ensure everything goes as desired when your dream home is under construction. We consider the interior and exterior of the project to ensure that the final product is up to the mark. Reach out to us for a thorough progress inspection in Perth!

Termite Inspection

Home Inspection Perth further performs expert termite inspections in Perth. We do visual inspections by using advanced tools and technology to spot areas of infestation before they worsen. We also assess the risks related to termites in the home so they can be removed on time.

Pest Inspection

Home Inspection Perth performs a deep pest inspection in Balga to look for signs of infestations of various types of pests and the damage they have done on the property. We also assess the risks that your property has of getting pest infestations.

The Key Inspections Provided By Our Building Inspectors in Balga

Home Inspection Perth is the finest home inspection service provider in the vibrant Balga suburbs. This area has a range of beautiful properties that have stood the test of time, along with ones that have only recently been developed. We are the perfect choice to help you inspect the durability and reliability of the property you have yet to buy or are living in. Our team is equipped with the best possible tools and technology. This allows us to assess local properties’ credibility according to authority compliance. No defects go unseen with us onboard! Here are some of our services for owned and rental home inspection in Balga:

Overall Structural Inspections

Do you want to get the entire property inspected? We save you so much time and money in future costly repairs by reporting underlying issues at the present. We look into the integrity of the roof, walls, foundation, ceilings, and floors to see signs of damage. All recommended repairs in our final report comply with Appendix C of AS 4349.1-2007.

Interior Wall Inspections

We offer deep interior wall inspections if you suspect damage inside the house. It includes a visual inspection with moisture, structural, and installation assessments. This all-inclusive service can document any potential repairs needed for the interior at the moment or in the future.

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Plumbing Inspections

We further perform quality plumbing inspections to help you undertake a comprehensive repair routine for piping and fixtures. This can avoid structural damage to the building in the long run. Our top assessments include water supply, piping, water heater, drainage, and ventilation.

Electrical Work Inspections

The electrical work inspection takes a look into every electrical job done in the house. It assesses the overall quality of the electrical panel, wiring, connections, outlets, switches, grounding, and smoke detectors. This allows us to generate a report with testimonial images of any damage found.

Our Building Inspection Process for Dayton Homeowners

Pre-Slab Stage

When a house’s foundation is being set, we ensure the finest engineering standards are coming into play. We further ensure that the safety standards are being met at all stages.

Roof Framing Stage

During roof framing, we overlook the sturdiness and stability of ceiling structures. When the roof trusses and framing are installed, we ensure the proper adherence to design standards.

Wall To Plate Height

During the second stage, we oversee the proper alignment of walls getting set up. While they are put up to their full height, we ensure perfect calibration on all sides.

Lock up Stage

The lock-up stage signifies the set up of windows and doors. Here, we ensure that each installment is able to guard the property from weather changes.

Handover Stage

A set of final checks are performed during the handover stage. Our inspectors ensure that the property meets the local construction and client standards.


Before you enjoy your dream home, we bring to you a comprehensive report that contains potential risks, recommended repairs, and the overall health of the newly built property.

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Why Choose Home Inspection Perth For Balga Inspection Services?

A new home, a new investment, or a new start with a previous home; a house signifies so many new beginnings for different people! Home Inspection Perth is all about letting you enjoy every part of these experiences without worrying too much about the assessment of defects. We look after every corner of the property, letting you sit back and wait for a comprehensive report of recommended repairs.

Our reports are windows to help you make better-informed decisions about the property you are considering. With our ethical and disciplined approach, we never fail to deliver the most seamless inspections of all.

Customisable Inspections

Each home and property in Balga is catered to diversely with our customisable inspection approach. Our inspections are adaptive to every need, so we can help you meet your priorities well.

Long-running Industry Experience

A thriving career of 10 years in the home inspection industry brings us to serve you the best we have ever had. Each inspection is worth it when you rely on us.

Highly-qualified Staff

The Home Inspection Perth family is ever-growing, with expert electrical engineers and plumbing masters who use all of their skills in home inspections and assessments.

Detailed Reports

Our job is not done until we can make you understand your property better. This is why we generate detailed reports in the end, which contain everything from repair recommendations to house health.

Contact Us Now For A Comprehensive Inspection Of Your House In Balga

What is all the wait for? Home Inspection Perth keenly awaits your call or email for a quote! Describe your priorities and goals to us at the moment, and leave all the rest to us. Here is to deeper inspections and a better knowledge of properties!

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Other Areas We Cover in Perth, WA

In Perth, WA, our services extend across a wide range of areas, providing comprehensive support wherever you are located. Whether you’re in a bustling urban neighborhood or a serene coastal suburb, our dedicated team is committed to meeting your specific needs with top-notch service.

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