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Home Inspection Perth is here to provide Dayton’s finest home inspection services. Here in the vibrant suburb, we protect the interests of varied homeowners. Our team works hard to create a clear communication channel with you, all so you can know your new property from the inside out. With us, you will realize that it is easy to move towards making your dream home a safer place for yourself.

Never waste another second with late interventions and costly repairs again! You can save thousands of dollars with Home Inspection Perth’s timely inspections that can do away with your worries.

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Home Inspection Dayton

Everything Awesome We Offer In Our Proper Inspection In Dayton Services

Newly Built Homes Inspection

Home Inspection Perth further assists you when you are moving into a newly built home. We work towards performing a deep inspection that ensures the property is up to the mark. This will help you correct errors as soon as possible.

Apartment Inspection

If you live in an apartment complex, we have got you covered as well. Apartment inspection is Home Inspection Perth’s specific service that looks around for any underlying defects, risks, and structural issues in your apartment area.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

We assist you in pre-sales inspection Dayton before you invest your hard-earned money into them. This helps us assure you that the property you are getting is a solid structure that will not eat away at your money with costly inspections in the future.

Defect House

Let us say you stumble upon a property full of defects. Home Inspection Perth shall help you in this regard as well! We perform deep home inspections in Dayton that help us create a comprehensive report of the issues found in the property.

Building And Pest Inspection

Our building and pest inspection in Perth is a combination of Dayton home inspection services. Here, we look into the house’s structural integrity and look for any signs of pest infestations in or outside of the property. We put forward a combined report that tells about the extent of the issues.

Progress Inspection

While your property undergoes construction from scratch, we shall ensure everything is going according to your standards. Our progress inspection capabilities are far-reaching in ensuring you get the finest finished product that adheres to your preferences.

Termite Inspection

Termites can be a huge threat to your house’s integrity. House Inspection Perth performs a deep termite inspection in Perth and nearby areas to assess the presence of termites and how much they infest the property. This helps you call for pest control before the problem worsens.

Pest Inspection

We also have a specific pest inspection service in our city of Dayton housing inspection. Here, we look into the presence of pest infestations at the respective property site. This helps you gain insight into the presence of pest infestations and remove them before they threaten safety.

The Key Inspections Provided By Our Building Inspectors in Dayton

Home Inspection Perth works as an important player for home inspections in the Dayton suburbs. This beautiful suburb in Perth is home to various beautiful properties. We are Dayton’s finest choice in looking into the underlying risks and defects that remain unseen to the normal gaze. We make use of the best tools and advanced parameters to assess how credible home properties are. Your desired or owned property deserves the finest care. This is why we bring to light even the littlest defects and hazards that can become a long bill in the future. Here are the Dayton home inspection services we provide:

Overall Structural Inspections

Who has the time for deep inspections these days? There is a reason Dayton relies on Home Inspection Perth for the best overall structural inspections. Our comprehensive Dayton inspection looks into the entire property or apartment complex. We take into account the major and minor defects on the site to generate a final report. This lists the recommended repairs around the house and complies with Appendix C of AS 4349.1-2007.

Interior Wall Inspections

If you are looking to target the repairs in the interior wall settings of the house, our Dayton real estate home inspection covers that as well. Home Inspection Perth provides you with an all-inclusive interior wall inspection focused on checking the structural integrity of walls. If you are buying the property, we report the health of the walls so you can choose well.

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Plumbing Inspections

Our Dayton inspection services also include deep plumbing inspections. These are focused on assessing the water pipes laid around the house along with the pressure in the PVC pipes. We also keep an eye out for any pipeline or water leaks to put in the report in case you are buying a new property. Furthermore, we inspect wiring positions and look for any wire overlaps.

Electrical Work Inspections

Home Inspection Perth also has expert electrical engineers on board to perform comprehensive electrical work Dayton home inspection for buyers. We look into every aspect of the electrical work done in the house, whether it is new or old. We generate a report at the end with testimonial images to indicate any repairs in electrical fixtures, house wiring, and current quantity.

Our Building Inspection Process for Dayton Homeowners

Pre-Slab Stage

When a house’s foundation has just been laid, we provide building inspection Dayton. When the site is being prepared, we ensure the proper execution of engineering and safety standards.

Roof Framing Stage

We are responsible for inspecting the proper adherence of the project towards your design expectations in the roof framing stage. This is when the roof trusses and the framing are installed.

Wall To Plate Height

When the walls are being set up to their full height, we assess the right anchoring. We also ensure perfect calibration and alignment on each side.

Lock up Stage

When the windows and doors are being set up in the building complex, we ensure that the installed fixtures are able to guard the property from weather changes.

Handover Stage

In the handover stage, we perform a set of final checks. Here, our inspectors shall cross-check to see if the building meets the local construction and client standards in its final stage.


Finally, we provide you with a comprehensive report when the building has been finished. These reports cover any required action that shall be taken before the project is completed.

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Why Choose Home Inspection Perth For Dayton Inspection Services?

Home Inspection Perth stands for ethical home inspection services across the beautiful suburbs of Dayton. We have served as major players in the industry for ten years, and we have loved every moment. Property investment, as we understand it, is a process that calls for good consideration. There is only so much you can grasp about the property in a few visits, which is why Dayton relies on Home Inspection Perth for Dayton’s new construction home inspection whenever they require a deep look into the state of their property.
With comprehensive reports and deep searches, we aim to give every homeowner a better understanding of their houses. We do all the inspections seamlessly, all for your convenience.

Adaptive Inspections

We believe every house is different, even when the defects are sometimes the same. We provide highly mobile inspections that meet your needs easily and satisfy each of your priorities.


Decade-Long Expertise

Home Inspections Perth has taken up quality home inspection projects for 10 years now. Every member of our team works sincerely to make each inspection worth it.


Finest Inspectors

Only the best inspectors become a part of our family! From electrical engineers to plumbing experts, we have every skilled inspector on our team to help you with deep assessments.


Comprehensive Report Generation

At the end of every inspection, Home Inspection Perth Generates comprehensive reports that point towards recommended repairs in the house so future costs can be cut.


Contact Us Now For A Comprehensive Inspection Of Your House In Dayton

Home Inspection Perth is a home inspection company in Dayton with a strong work ethic and indubitable spirit. This has made us a top player in the home inspection industry. We, with your experience of over a decade, wish to serve you the very best of inspections. Your new or old home deserves the finest care. Luckily, we have a keen eye for risks and hazards, so you can undertake repairs as soon as possible. Contact us today and see our brilliance in action.

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Other Areas We Cover in Perth, WA

In Perth, WA, our services extend across a wide range of areas, providing comprehensive support wherever you are located. Whether you’re in a bustling urban neighborhood or a serene coastal suburb, our dedicated team is committed to meeting your specific needs with top-notch service.

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