Property And Home Inspection Services For Gosnells

Home Inspection Perth welcomes you into a world of the finest home inspections. We are your chance to ensure that you are properly investing your hard-earned coin. Each property holds its uniqueness, and we are here to detect any underlying defects that may withhold its true potential. With Home Inspection Perth, each inspection is an opportunity to know your dream home much better. If you are moving into the beautifully serene city of Gosnells, this is your chance to get the most out of your investment. Know more about the property than you can alone in just 2-3 visits. While you aspire for a good property, we safeguard your interests in all stages of construction with the best home inspection, Gosnells.

If you already have a property in Gosnells, we are the shining sign for getting a home inspection done today! Did you know that hundreds and thousands of dollars can be saved in expensive repairs if you just find out the defects early on? Home Inspection Perth strives to do away with your worries at all steps.

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Everything Awesome We Offer In Our Proper Inspection In Gosnells Services

New Home Inspection

Our new home inspection is a thorough examination of recently built home properties. Here, we work towards determining that the building meets all the relevant codes, standards, and specifications.

High-rise Apartment Inspection

Our high-rise apartment inspection helps realize if the property complies with the local safety codes and is in overall good condition. Here, we look into the foundation and the state of the load-bearing walls to ensure structural integrity.

Pre-sales Building Inspection

Our pre-purchase building inspection in Perth is a thorough examination of home properties. Our professional inspectors help you find out the property’s value, safety, and livability before you finalize a purchase.  

Defect House

Our defect inspection helps uncover the problems with a defective property. We look into the exterior and interior, including various components like roofs, doors, windows, electrical work, plumbing fixtures, etc.


Pest And Building Inspection

Our pest and building inspection in Gosnells is a way to realize the overall safety and integrity of a property before you purchase or sell it. We first look into the roofing, gutter, walls, plumbing, heating systems, and so on.


Construction/ Repair Inspection

Our construction and repair inspection is an important service to opt for when your property is still under work. It helps us examine critical components during the building project. We look into site evaluation, permits, plans, excavation, footings, and foundations.

Termite Inspection

Our termite inspector, Gosnells, checks the property for any underlying termite activity or overall damage. We will initially consult with you to find any prospective sites of infestation before performing an exterior and interior inspection of the house.


Pest Inspection

Our pest inspection Gosnells services examine the presence or signs of pest infestations. We check for any entry points for pests, any hidden areas in the house, and structural damage done by pests. We make use of moisture meters and traps to find out sure-shot signs of pest infestation in the house.


Experience the Work Of Our Building Inspectors in Gosnells

Looking to prevent a long bill in repairs in the future? Worry not, for Home Inspections Perth is here to inspect Gosnell’s vibrant properties on time. Each home deserves a deep inspection that can shed light on its overall health. With us, you can always testify to the real credibility of home properties. Here are the best home inspection Gosnells we provide:


Comprehensive Structural Inspections

Home Inspection Perth’s comprehensive structural inspections examine the property’s integrity, stability, and longevity. Our focus remains on everything from the foundation to the drainage systems in the property to look out for any underlying defects. We also ensure that the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical works have been done right in the house.

Total Wall Inspections

The total wall inspection allows us to perform a detailed examination of the walls within the building. We assess their condition, detect any issues, and ensure that they meet the local safety standards. We specialize in visual testing, surface testing, structural integrity testing, material assessments, electrical and plumbing checks, and insulation checks.

Building Inspection in Gosnells
Pest Inspection Gosnells Services

Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing inspections are done to ensure that the building’s plumbing system is working as intended without posing any issues. After an initial walkthrough, we check for proper installation, ample water supply, proper drainage and waste disposal, and the overall durability of the fixtures. In the process, we document any issues found with proper image testimonials.

Electrical Work Inspections

Electrical and gas work inspections ensure the safety of the electrical and gas work done in the house. We assess the service panel, rough-in, and do a final inspection for electrical works. For the gas work, we do a pressure test, check proper appliance installation, assess the gas meter along with the regulator, and ensure proper code compliance.

The Building Inspection Process We Follow for Gosnells Homeowners

Pre-Slab Stage

When the house’s foundation is laid, we ensure the site is prepared well for future processes. Here, we look into seamless execution with safety compliance.

Roof Framing Stage

The roof framing stage is when the roof trusses and framing are installed. Here, we inspect if the work adheres to the project design expectations as laid down by you and the safety guidelines.

Wall To Plate Height

The right anchoring shall be assessed when the walls are being set up to their full height. Here, we ensure that the perfect calibration and alignment are being maintained on all sides.

Lock up Stage

During lock up, windows and doors are set up. The building is essentially locked up to become safer. Here, we are responsible for assuring the sturdiness of each door and window in the property.

Handover Stage

Home Inspection Perth performs a set of final checks in the handover stage. We see to it that the finished project is in compliance with not just the local construction code but also your standards.


When you have finally got the property, we report our documents of the process. Here, you shall find each stage documented well with any recommended repairs you undertake.

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Home Inspection Perth – Your Perfect Choice For Gosnells Inspection Services?

Property investment can be an exciting adventure. Assisting you on this journey is Home Inspection Perth, a leading name in home inspections and reporting in the Gosnells region. For ten years, we have served the fascinating city of Gosnells, where the beauty of the past transcends into the vibrancy of today. We know properties in the region by heart, which enables us to give you the finest inspection experience.

So what should you do? All you have to do is let us examine every nook and cranny to generate detailed reports about each defect or repair. Knowing your home inside out has never been this easy.

Adaptive Inspections

Gosnells is home to some of the most unique properties. No two inspections can be the same. Each project at Home Inspection Perth is taken up with equal enthusiasm to reveal the deepest defects.

Expert Home Inspectors

The Home Inspection Perth family comprises only expert home inspectors. We have professionals who are well-versed with electrical work, plumbing fixtures, construction codes, and much more.

Decade-long Industry Experience

Our industry experience is what makes us the most suitable for home inspections in your house. Each team member in our company comes from a great experience to serve you the very best inspections.

Detailed End Reports

Our inspections end with detailed reports that list everything that must come to your notice. Major and minor defects, recommended repairs, pest infestations, and much more are pointed out in these.

Come To Us For A Deep Home Inspection In Gosnells

You might be moving into a brand new home or just planning repairs for your old house. Where shall one go for a careful inspection that truly helps you realize your home’s wellness? The Gosnells neighbourhood depends on Home Inspection Perth for all of its home inspection requirements! Get your house inspected by none other than the experts themselves; contact Home Inspection Perth Now!

Termite Inspection Gosnells

Other Areas We Cover in Perth, WA

In Perth, WA, our services extend across a wide range of areas, providing comprehensive support wherever you are located. Whether you’re in a bustling urban neighborhood or a serene coastal suburb, our dedicated team is committed to meeting your specific needs with top-notch service.

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