Building And Home Inspection Kelmscott Services

Our Home Inspection Kelmscott services are made to protect your interests in all cases. We at Home Inspection Perth follow clear communication and inspection structures to assess the house’s situation. We shall help you realize that you are not alone when it comes to making your house into a dream home free of hazards and damage.

Timely inspection can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. With our range of personalized, comprehensive, and professional inspections, you never have to worry about your home’s condition again.

Experience our expert inspection processes today by getting a quote at Home Inspection Perth. You can also email us at info@homeinspectionperth.com.au. Or you can call us at 1800 954 743!

Home Inspection Kelmscott

Our Coverage of Property Inspection in Kelmscott Comes With

Newly Built Homes Inspection

If you are going to buy a newly built house, we will perform a deep inspection on such properties to ensure they are up to the mark. This helps correct any errors that might have been made during construction.

Apartment Inspection

We offer effective apartment inspection services. Our team works through the apartment complex to determine signs of on-site or neighbouring defects.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Avail of our pre-purchase building inspection Perth services before investing in any property. It helps ensure the property is free from major defects and hazards that will take a lot of capital for reparation in the future.

Defect House

If there is a property with potential defects, we perform a thorough defect house inspection to track the depth of the defects.

Pest Inspection

Our pest inspection Kelmscott team uses advanced technologies to find out the presence of pest infestations on the property and eliminate them before they threaten the residents’ safety and health.

Progress Inspection

While your property is still under construction, our progress inspection service helps you get a closer look at the progress. This helps the construction go exactly as you envisioned without any errors.

Termite Inspection

Termites threaten the structural integrity of your property. Our termite inspection Kelmscott services entail assessing the presence of termites and the extent of their infestation.

Building and Pest Inspection

Our building and pest inspection service entails inspecting not only the structural integrity of the house but also the presence of pest infestations in various parts of the property.

Our Building Inspectors in Kelmscott Unfold Following Key Inspections

We are the most reliable name for residential inspection Kelmscott. We ensure that no corner of the property remains unchecked. Only the most advanced tools and parameters are implemented to assess the credibility of home properties. We realize how hard you have worked to invest in a desired property. We ensure to pinpoint even the hidden defects or hazards to safeguard you from long bills in the future. Here is an overview of our potential:


Overall Structural Inspections

We offer the option of Overall Structural Inspections that comprehensively cover the entire property. This comes with a deep assessment of minor and major defects that could be found on the site. In the end, you receive a thorough report that you can use to plan repairs. If you have yet to buy the property, we comply with Appendix C of AS 4349.1-2007 to ensure you can repair it well.

Interior Wall Inspections

We offer comprehensive interior wall inspections if you are focusing especially on interior reparations. At the end of it, we provide a detailed report regarding the health of the interior walls. If you are planning to sell the property, our pre listing inspection Kelmscott report on the health of the interior walls will help you make a more informed decision.

building inspection kelmscott
Pest inspection kelmscott wa

Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing inspections are amongst the most important services that we can provide you. Water leaks, pipeline damage, and dampness issues deeply threaten the structural integrity of the house. We look after the position of the wires, find out pipe and wire overlaps, and check the pressure in the PVC piping.

Electrical Work Inspections

Our team further performs deep electrical work inspections. We have electrical engineers on board to develop reparations recommendations in electrical fixtures, house wiring, and current quantity. We provide photo evidence with detailed reports to help you understand the repairs needed.

Our Process for Building Inspection Kelmscott

Pre-Slab Stage

When a house’s foundation is laid, and the site is prepared, we perform a pre-slab stage inspection. Here, we ensure that the engineering and safety standards have been met throughout the process.

Wall To Plate Height

This stage signified the setting up of walls to their full height. Here, we assess that the anchoring has been done right and that all the walls are in perfect alignment.

Roof Framing Stage

When the roof trusses and framing are being installed, we ensure the roof is structurally supported. We assess whether the project aligns with your design expectations or not.

Lock up Stage

The windows and doors of the building are being installed. In this stage, we ensure that the fixtures allow weather resistance to the property and all entry points are properly set up.

Handover Stage

Handover signifies the performance of final checks. Our inspectors will confirm compliance with construction and client standards here.


In the end, we generate comprehensive reports that cover any potential damage or required action on your part. This helps you take up the reparations and final adjustments before project completion.

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Why Choose Us for Kelmscott Inspection Services?

Home Inspection Perth is a long-running player in the home inspection industry. Property investment is a process of careful consideration and investigation. When you are spending your hard-earned coin on a new home, it is important to understand the pitfalls of inadequate inspection. A few visits to a house will not determine its complete wellness and safety for you. So many important improvements and mishaps remain hidden from the regular view in newly constructed or newly bought homes. We compile the most detailed reports and check properties with our quality deep search approach.

Our work has begun with the profound goal of providing every homeowner with a better agency to know their property. While this is a daunting task to take up, our team makes it easier for you to access all kinds of home inspections.

Mobile Inspections

Mobile Inspection is our signature approach to ensuring the safety of your home. No two inspections are going to be the same, so we work thoroughly through each one to satisfy your priorities.


10 Years In The Industry

Home Inspections Kelmscott holds 10 years of experience in the home inspection industry. Our staff works diligently and adapts to various types of inspection projects to develop a comprehensive assessment.


Experienced Staff

We take up all kinds of inspections, and an experienced staff team supports us. From electrical engineers to plumbing staff, we have master inspectors on board in every project.


Comprehensive Reports

Our reports are your best guide to timely repairs that will save you thousands in the long run. We have a keen eye for defects that usually go unnoticed. Our inspections determine the areas that need prompt attention during reparations.


Contact Us Now for a Complete Inspection of Your Buildings in Kelmscott

Our Home Inspection Kelmscott services signify the strongest work ethic and dedication in the industry. We understand the various aspects that one has to take care of when moving to a new house or apartment. When you have us on board, our qualified engineers will not leave any area of the house uninspected. Contact us for a delightful inspection experience that takes away your worries and helps you make better decisions regarding your property.

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Other Areas We Cover in Perth, WA

In Perth, WA, our services extend across a wide range of areas, providing comprehensive support wherever you are located. Whether you’re in a bustling urban neighborhood or a serene coastal suburb, our dedicated team is committed to meeting your specific needs with top-notch service.

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