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Are you ready to avoid costly surprises when buying your new home? We know how stressful it can be to face hidden issues like structural damage or pest infestations after you’ve signed the dotted line. At Home Inspection Perth, we make it our mission to uncover these potential problems before they become your headache. Our comprehensive pre purchase building inspections perth services ensure that you’re fully informed about the property’s condition. We do cover several nearby areas for these services. With our expert team by your side, you can walk into your purchase with confidence, knowing we’ve covered every detail. 

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pre purchase building inspection perth

What’s Covered In Our Pre-purchase Home Inspection Perth Service Package? 

For your pre-purchase house inspection, we start from the outer portion and assess structural integrity, then move to the interior parts of your building. After this, we inspect interior walls and their plastering, as well as every part of your house, like cabinets, plumbing work, electrical stuff, roofs, and more. Moreover, our services are purely expertise-based, and we have 10 years of relevant industry experience. Here is how we do it!

Inspection of Structural Integrity 

In our Pre purchase building inspection perth process, we assess the strength, resistivity, and quality of the construction materials used. We also assess the following crucial parts for signs of damage, cracks, or instability. We cover foundations, external and internal walls, roofs, ceilings, and more. 

Inspections of External Elements 

We examine the following exterior elements for structural integrity and safety. We completely inspect the fences, gates, pathways, driveways, balconies, retaining walls, decks, and more here. 

Thorough Plumbing Work Inspections 

At Home Inspection Perth, our professional team inspects plumbing fixtures, pipes, drains, and water supply systems for leaks, blockages, and functionality. We also measure the water pressure in your pipes to make sure it’s a seamless supply.

Our Pre-purchase Termite/Timber and Pest Inspections 

In our Pre purchase termite inspection perth process, we focus entirely on detecting live termite activities that could cause structural damage to the property. Moreover, we also help to figure out the possible potential threat to the property in the future due to termites and monitor the existing termite management plan as per WA Standards. With termites, we do handle pre-purchase pest inspections in Perth and surrounding areas to help property owners get rid of their harm.

Electrical Work Assessment 

We will thoroughly examine the functionality of electrical systems, including RCD, which meets Australian Standards. The excellent pre-purchase property inspection Perth services at HIP will cover all the simple to complex electrical problems, leaving you with the satisfaction you’ve ever wanted. 

Professional Checks for Insulation and Ventilation 

Proper airflow is crucial for you and your family. So, we inspect the insulation around the roof and partition wall to achieve an energy rating and ensure that the proper ventilation systems comply with Australian standards.

Believe In Us As We Help You Make The Best Decisions Regarding Your Property!

Our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction. We know how crucial it is for homeowners to find a good house inspection service quickly. We understand that at Home Inspection Perth, our friendly staff not only responds to your queries promptly but also gives you a proper idea of our pre-purchase house inspection & timber inspection process. Have a look at our differences in Perth and nearby areas with a thorough progress inspection!

Quick Reporting System (Turnover 24 hours)

Timely reporting is crucial in the inspection industry so that every homeowner can make a better decision timely. Our detailed yet easy-to-understand reports are sent to customers within 24 hours on their emails. 

Thorough Inspection with Latest Technology

We conduct thorough pre-purchase building inspection using the latest technologies, spending 1-2 hours at the house, with clear and concise reports and enough evidence from Registered Builders and Structural Engineers. As Builder, we also guide our client’s tentative estimates to fix the defects and negotiate the price.

10 Years of Inspections Experience

With a decade of inspection expertise, our commitment ensures lasting mental contentment. Trust our seasoned proficiency for enduring satisfaction in every inspection endeavor. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

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Protect your investment with our detailed pre-purchase house inspections designed for Perth homes. Our experienced inspectors carefully check every part of your potential property, including its structure, electrical setup, and plumbing. We find any hidden problems and give you a complete report to help you make smart choices. Don’t take chances with unexpected costs or safety issues – just give us a call to set up your inspection today.

We’re committed to making sure that you can enter your new home with full confidence and mental satisfaction.