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The finest home inspection services are here! The charming city of Belmont is home to some of the beautiful properties. It is one of the most sought-after suburbs for home property investments. Home Inspection Perth is here to protect the interests of the various homeowners so they can make the best decisions. Find out the hidden defects and the overall credibility of home properties with us.

Forget the costly repairs that come with careless buying and incomplete planning. Choose better by letting us provide you with detailed reports about your house.

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Various Ways In Which We Perform Property Inspection In Belmont Services

Newly Built Homes Inspection

If you are moving into a home that has only recently been built, we can help you with that as well. Home Inspection Perth looks into whether newly built properties comply with the local construction code with the proper fixtures. If any errors are found at this stage, you can quickly repair them.


Apartment Inspection

Those living in apartment homes need not worry either. Home Inspection Perth shall save the day with its apartment inspection, which assesses how defect-free the apartment complex and interiors of the house are. Any underlying defects, risks, and structural issues can be duly noted in this inspection.


Pre-purchase Building Inspection

Before you buy any property, we shall help you realize its true credibility. We can do a deep pre-purchase inspection in Belmont to see if the house you are going to buy meets the local construction codes and your personal expectations. Your priorities remain a top focus for us at all points so you do not waste money on costly repairs in the future.


Defect House

If your current home is facing many defects or has invested in a property full of defects, Home Inspection Perth is here to save the day. Our comprehensive defect house inspection will allow you to plan the repairs well in advance. No defect goes unseen in our comprehensive reports, which not only prove issues with pictures but also recommend the repairs needed in each place.


Building And Pest Inspection

If you suspect integral and pest-related issues, we have also got you covered. In building and pest inspection, we look into not just the integrity of the house but also if any pests are lurking about. Homes made in neighborhoods susceptible to pest and structural damage can benefit from such Belmont inspections since a deeper issue can be resolved on time.


Progress Inspection

Is your property still under construction? Then that is even better. We perform a proper progress home inspection in Belmont on the site to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We are able to ensure that the final product is at par with your expectations.


Termite Inspection

Termites can significantly affect a house’s integrity and safety. Home Inspection Perth uses its deep termite inspection in Belmont to look into any termite infestations that may be hidden in the corners. We also provide an overall report of how much the termites have affected the property. This way, you can call for termite control before the issue worsens.


Pest Inspection

We serve Belmont with the finest pest inspections in Perth. With our inspection, you can be sure of pest infestations in the house and the overall extent of the problem. This way, pest control and any repairs needed can be undertaken in advance. We can also predict any risk related to pests in the near future.


The Key Inspections Provided By Our Building Inspectors in Belmont

Home Inspection Perth strives to preserve the beauty of Belmont’s various properties. As the region’s most reliable home inspection company, we aim to identify every risk or defect that may normally go unseen. Our top-class tools and technology help us claim properties as credible with utmost authority. Your property deserves the finest care, and we are here to assure you that you can undertake property repair well. Here are our top services:

Overall Structural Inspections

Why use your own time to look for defects in the property you are interested in when we are here? Get the best overall structural inspection with Home Inspections Perth, where we can identify the littlest issues easily. Our goal is to assess every part of the house in search of any underlying defects or potential risks in the property. Both major and minor defects are duly taken into account and compiled into a report of recommended repairs during Belmont building inspections.

Interior Wall Inspections

If your focus is on the interior wall structure of the house, we cover that as well. Home Inspection Perth has a deep assessment inspection of interior walls, where we check if the walls have been properly calibrated, aligned, and possess structural integrity. If you are a buyer of the property, we can tell you the health of the walls so you choose well.

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Plumbing Inspections

Home Inspection Perth bring quality plumbing inspections that can bring to light any underlying issues plaguing the property. It can also help you know of any water-caused damage from the house’s fixtures. We focus on the pressure in the PVC pipes and wiring positions to prevent any overlaps.

Electrical Work Inspections

Electrical mishaps can cause great damage to the property and cause risks for the people in it. With our electrical work inspections, you can stay ahead and know about any electrical errors in the house. We have a look into every electrical work done in the house to generate a quality report with photo proofs.

The Building Inspection Process In Belmont

Pre-Slab Stage

We do the first checkup when your house’s foundation has just been laid. We ensure that the site is prepared well and that engineering standards are executed correctly.

Roof Framing Stage

In the roof framing stage, we ensure proper adherence to the project deadlines and expectations. This is the stage where roof trusses and the framing are being installed.

Wall To Plate Height

The wall-to-plate height stage ensures the right anchoring, calibration, and alignment. We ensure that when walls are set up to their full height, they are done properly.

Lock up Stage

The lock-up stage signifies the setup of windows and doors in the building complex. Here, we ensure that the installed fixtures are solid enough to remove dust and debris.

Handover Stage

The handover stage signifies a set of final checks by us. Our inspectors are involved in cross-checking the credibility of the property while ensuring it meets the local construction standards.


Finally, we produce a report full of recommended repairs and the property’s overall health. For your use, the report also documents the progress made during the previous stages.

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Why Choose Home Inspection Perth For Belmont Inspection Services?

Home Inspection Perth can do so much for your house. Our services are a range of ethical and comprehensive building inspections in Belmont that can help you choose the perfect house in the suburbs of Belmont. Our many years of experience have helped us deeply understand the need for timely inspections and the importance of helping you understand your property better.

By welcoming Home Inspection Perth into your humble abode, you allow us to help you with making your house a better place. For your convenience, we take up every inspection seamlessly.

Mobile Inspections

Each house can have different needs, even with different defects. Our Belmont inspectional services are highly adaptive to your goals. This is why we can cater to anyone’s requirements.

10 Years Of Experience

A decade in the industry renders us more suitable than ever to cater to your home inspection needs. We guarantee precision like never before in each inspection and make it all worth it for you.

Experienced Staff

The most experienced staff is aboard our inspection team! With various experts, we help you gain a better knowledge of your home. Our skilled inspectors are the best at performing deep assessments.

Detailed Reports In The End

With every inspection, we give a detailed report at the end. In this, we provide recommended repairs, affected areas with pictures, and the overall health of your house in every aspect.

Contact Us Now For A Comprehensive Home Inspection In Belmont

Home Inspection Perth is a home inspection company in Belmont with a strong work ethic and indubitable spirit. This has made us a top player in the home inspection industry. We, with your experience of over a decade, wish to serve you the very best of inspections. Your new or old home deserves the finest care. Luckily, we have a keen eye for risks and hazards so that you can undertake repairs as soon as possible. Contact us today and see our brilliance in action.

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Other Areas We Cover in Perth, WA

In Perth, WA, our services extend across a wide range of areas, providing comprehensive support wherever you are located. Whether you’re in a bustling urban neighborhood or a serene coastal suburb, our dedicated team is committed to meeting your specific needs with top-notch service.

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